Coravin™ Capsules 2-Pack


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Premium Coravin Capsules are specifically designed for use with all Coravin Systems, ensuring the perfect seal and the perfect pour every time. Pressurizing bottles with argon gas to pour wine a glass at a time, Coravin Capsules are the power source of the Coravin System, and a fundamental component of the Coravin Technology.


Size and Weight
Length: 3.6″
Diameter: 0.875″
Weight: Capsule – 1.85 ounces, Gas – 6.5 grams
Pressure: 2600 PSI
Volume: 20.7 ml (water volume)

Materials Capsule: Recycled Steel
Gas: 99% Pure argon gas
Seal: Synthetic Rubber
Cap: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon

Capsule Life: Each Coravin Capsule will allow you to pour up to 15 five ounce glasses of wine.

Return Policy: Coravin Capsules are non-returnable and non-refundable.

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