In 1868 Madame Pommery launched the “construction site of the century”, turning crayères chalk pits into cellars in Reims.  In 1874 she created the Pommery Nature, breaking a long tradition of sweet wine and seeing great commercial success for this new style that is still so widely successful today.  The House continues to produce outstanding champagnes today with the same demand Madame Pommery had in the beginning: quality pushed to the extreme.

Join us on Wednesday, November 16th, together with Sarah Tritant of Pommery America, to experience a selection of Pommery champagnes, including a mini-vertical tasting of the top Cuvee Louise, an homage to Madame Pommery.

During the event we will taste the following wines:

    • Champagne Pommery Blanc de Blancs
    • Champagne Pommery Rose
    • Cuvee Louise 2002
    • Cuvee Louise 2004
    • Cuvee Louise 2004 Nature
    • Cuvee Louise 2004 Rose
    • Cuvee Louise 2005
    • Cuvee Louise 2006 Nature

Space is limited so be sure to RSVP soon to reserve your spot.

Cost: $130. Sit-down tasting. Water, champagnes, education, cheese/charcuterie, service included.

Date: November 16th, from 7 pm to 9pm.

305 Wines (Palmetto Bay)
15904 SW 92nd Avenue
Miami FL, 33157

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