There are dozens of decisions winemakers must make, from harvest dates to blending formulas and maturation periods. Perhaps one of the most important choices is what vessel to use for the fermentation process, as this can have a deep impact on the resulting wine’s aroma and flavor profile, and structure/texture of the wine.

In order to more clearly see the role and impact the fermentation vessel plays on the final wine we will learn about the materials used in winemaking, and taste three wines (blind), all fermented in different materials: cement, terracotta amphorae and oak barrels. The grape varietal, producer and region will be the same.
This is a unique chance to identify by aroma and taste one of the essential steps in wine production.
Alessandra Esteves, MAES, DipWSET, FWS, CSW, Master of Wine Candidate, Director of Wine Education will present the Webinar.
Date: April 22nd, 6.30pm EST to 8pm

How it works:

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– Click the link for the webinar (we will inform 1 week before the class)
Wines: Buy a discounted wine pack from our webstore The wines will be wrapped in foil, and bottles numbered, so you can taste it blind. Wines can be shipped to 42 States in the US. Click here.
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