Thursday, October 1st is World Sake Day, an annual event held as a tribute to the traditional start date of Sake production in Japan. Join the Florida Wine Academy as we celebrate with Xavier Chapelou, one of the world’s leading non-Japanese sake experts, and Kumiko Ohta, co-founder of Sake Sommelier Association.  Leading the webinar will be Guilherme de Macedo, head of the Florida Wine Academy Sake Education Program.

Mr. Chapelou has built an encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese sake through his experience in retail and fine restaurant consultancy.  His passion for teaching and passing knowledge on to others comes from first-hand experience and interactions with brewery professionals.  Mr. Chapelou is the co-founder for the Sake Sommelier Association, and in 2013 was nominated for “Educator of the Year” by the drinks magazine Imbibe.  As an advocate for bringing sake to the sommelier world, he has been recognized by publications in The Times, The Guardian, BBC Radio 4, Asahi TV and more.

Ms. Ohta grew up in Japan surrounded by rice fields and sake-brewing culture. A thirst to learn more drove her to visiting breweries as soon as she could, and lead to a life-long passion with sake. This culminated in her becoming an Authorised Sake Lecturer, obtaining the Higher Certificate in Sake Education. After relocating to the UK, Kumiko has tirelessly championed sake. A co-founder of the Sake Sommelier Association, her efforts where recognised by Nikkei in 2008 when she received the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award. Since then she has redoubled her efforts, constantly looking for new ways to showcase and promote sake.

Join Guilherme, Xavier and Kumiko as they offer insight and guidance on the steps to take to become a sake specialist, a professional approach to enjoying sake, and how to become a sake sommelier.  Participants will have the chance to ask questions throughout the webinar.

During this event we will taste:
    • Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo (300ml)
    • Joto Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake “Blue Clouds” (300ml)
    • Soto Junmai can (180ml)

How it works:

– Sign up on the website
– Download Zoom (on your computer or phone)
– Click the link for the webinar (we will inform 2 days before the class)
Sakes: Buy a discounted sake pack from our store  Click here.
– Date: October 1st, 2pm EST. The Webinar will be recorded.
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