If you have tasted Champagne or Prosecco, or a Provence rosé and a Tavel rosé, then you know that wines can be produced into noticeably different styles.  How is it that two wines can show such variation in structure, aroma and flavor?
Decisions made in the winery certainly contribute to a wine’s final profile.  But many of these differences begin in the vineyard, and are attributed to climate, weather, grapes and terroir.
In this webinar series participants will have the opportunity to compare wines made in very different ways. The series includes 2 episodes, each with a comparison of special wines.
Here is the schedule:
  • Session 1: Cava, Pet Nat and Prosecco – May 26th
  • Session 2: Direct-press Rosé vs. Short Maceration Rosé – June 9th

Participants will have the option to purchase each curated wine pack to taste along with at home. Each session is one hour, from 6pm to 7pm ET, and will be recorded, so don’t worry if you have to miss one-you can catch up on your own schedule.

Cost is $10 for each Webinar or $15 for the both sessions.

How to prepare:

– Sign up for the Webinar on the website
– Download Zoom (on your computer or phone)
– We will send you a link for the webinar
– Shop the curated wine packs at 305wines.com

For any questions on how to participate or purchase wines contact info@floridawineacademy.com