The Wine Sensory Evaluation Course is an opportunity for students to understand wine faults, differentiate between wine acids, identify characteristic aromas in some of the principal grape varieties, and to learn the approach to blind tasting techniques.  The day will run from 9am-1:45pm and include four sessions and a coffee break.


Session 1: Wine Aromas with Le Nez du Vin Aroma Kit, with Nicole Ramos WSET Level 3, FWS

In this session we will talk about aroma compounds and analyze eight different grapes. Guests will have the opportunity to work with the Le Nez du Vin Aroma Kit. We will taste the following wines:
-Sauvignon Blanc
-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Noir

Session 2: Wine faults and wine acids with Alessandra Esteves, DipWSET, FWS, CSW

Students will learn about acids and their effect in wines, and taste malic, lactic and tartaric acids. We will then talk about common wine faults and taste tainted wines:
– control wine
– wine with sulphur compounds
– wine with brettanomyces
– wine with cork taint
– wine with volatile acidity

wine aroma kit

Session 3: Blind Tasting Skills, with Celeste Bailey, WSET Level 3, FWS

Students will learn the approach to blind tasting and how to identify common grapes. We will discuss the difference between the new world and old world wines and their styles. Students will blind taste 2 white wines and 2 red whites to work on their skills. A second set of reds will be tasted later to identify a volume versus a high quality wine.

Session 4: Double blind tasting in a black crystal glass

As a final exercise, we will taste one wine in a black crystal glass, for a double blind tasting, where guests can’t see the color of the wine.


The cost for the seminar is $259 and includes all sessions, tasting of 20 wines and a Florida Wine Academy certificate. Light snacks will be provided during the coffee break. No extra materials are needed and there is no exam at the end of the day. The black glass used for the blind tasting session will be the students to take home with them.


This course is suitable for students of all levels who are both industry professionals and wine lovers.


Date: October 5th, 2019, from 9am to 1.45pm. Very limited spots.

Florida Wine Academy
1 SE 3rd Avenue, Suite 1440 (14th floor) – SunTrust International Center
Miami, FL. 33131

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