The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) courses have long been a gold standard in wine education. But have you heard of the WSET Level 1 Luxury edition? Offered exclusively by the Florida Wine Academy, this is a course that redefines luxury in wine education.

WSET Luxury: Tailored for the Exclusive Few

At the heart of the WSET Luxury experience is exclusivity. We have designed this course specifically for small groups, ensuring an intimate and elevated learning environment. Every detail, from the teaching approach to the wine selection, is curated to offer a luxurious experience.

Your Guide to WSET Luxury: Alessandra Esteves, DipWSET, MW Candidate

A course as special as the WSET Level 1 Luxury deserves an instructor of equal caliber. Enter Alessandra Esteves. With her credentials as a DipWSET and an MW candidate, Alessandra brings a depth of knowledge and passion to the WSET Luxury course. As the Director of Wine Education for Florida Wine Academy, she is well-equipped to guide students on this lavish journey.

WSET Luxury: A Wine Selection That Speaks Volumes

What sets the WSET Level 1 Luxury edition apart is its wine list. Participants will be introduced to 10-12 of the world’s most prestigious wines, including the legendary Chateau D’Yquem, Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal, Penfolds Grange, Grand Cru Burgundy, and the coveted First Growth Bordeaux.

An Unforgettable Dive into WSET Luxury

This isn’t just another wine course. The WSET Level 1 Luxury edition offers an unforgettable experience, combining top-tier wine education with the pleasure of tasting the world’s finest vintages. It’s a unique opportunity for wine enthusiasts to get certified while indulging in the best wines the world has to offer.

Secure Your Spot in the WSET Level 1 Luxury Course

For those who seek the best in wine education, the WSET Luxury course awaits. Dive deep into the world of luxury wines and elevate your knowledge. For more details, reach out to