Are you ready to deepen your understanding and appreciation of wines? At the Florida Wine Academy, we have developed a WSET Level 2 in Wines online course that allows you to dive headfirst into the fascinating world of wines, right from the comfort of your home.

Our online course follows a 5-week structured online program with a recommended 6 hours of study per week. This includes engaging online activities and reading from the course textbook. We believe that regular participation in online activities is key to success in this course.

As you embark on this journey, you’ll have the flexibility to work ahead or catch up on activities and forums at your own pace. No live chats or webinars dictate your study schedule, giving you the freedom to log into the course at your leisure.

Here’s a glimpse of what your weekly journey would look like:

Week 1: Introduction to Wine Tasting, Pairing, Storage & Service
Sharpen your palate and learn to describe wines using the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting. Discover the art of food and wine pairing, and master the principles of wine storage and service.

Week 2: Factors Influencing Style, Quality & Price
Discover what happens in the vineyard and winery that influences the style, quality, and price of wine. Learn to decipher and understand labels, a skill every wine enthusiast must possess.

Week 3: White Grape Varieties
Explore the characteristics and styles of wines produced from the principal white grape varieties and the regions they hail from.

Week 4: Black Grape Varieties
Learn about the distinctive characteristics and styles of wines produced from the main black grape varieties and their primary production regions.

Week 5: Sparkling, Sweet, Fortified Wines
Discover the techniques for making sparkling, sweet, and fortified wines, the unique styles they result in, and the regions famous for producing them.

To get a comprehensive idea of the learning objectives for this course, refer to the WSET Level 2 in Wines Specification (2022).

The assessment includes a closed-book exam of 50 multiple-choice questions, which must be completed within 60 minutes. A total mark of 55% is needed to pass, and successful students are awarded a certificate along with a lapel pin.

For the online course, the exam is conducted via Remote Invigilation. This means students are monitored through a webcam, screen sharing technology, and a secondary recording device (cell phone) in a secure environment. Exam dates need to be scheduled through the Florida Wine Academy, so reach out to us for more information.

Please note that the results may take up to 8 weeks to be released by WSET.

Your course includes a wine tasting kit by Master the World, valued at $200. The kit consists of 12 bottles (187 ml each) featuring major grape varieties, regions, and styles. Ground shipping for this kit is included in your course fee.

The cost for our WSET Level 2 online course covers:

  • A 12-bottle Wine Tasting Kit ($200 value)
  • All exam fees, certificate, and lapel pin
  • 12-months access to the online course and materials
  • USPS shipping (certificate) to any US address, and Ground shipping (wine kits)

Unveil the secrets of the wine world, and refine your palate with our comprehensive and enjoyable online course. Enroll now to embark on this enlightening journey. Contact us for any further information or to register for your exam date. Enjoy learning about wine in a flexible, engaging, and convenient way with Florida Wine Academy!