Key resident provides spirited education at Florida Wine Academy

by Rod Coffee, published Dec 30, 2016.

Red, white or shades of grapes in between: the wine culture on Key Biscayne now has a libation consulting professional to call its own, as Alessandra Esteves brings her wealth of knowledge to the Miami-based Florida Wine Academy, serving as its director of wine education.

It’s yet another opportunity for villagers to continue experiencing the high quality of life and services Key Biscayne provides.

Florida Wine Academy is a wine education and consulting business that has developed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust for wine enthusiasts and professionals in the beverage and hospitality industries. The high-end wine education also offers consulting and onsite training to help restaurants design their wine lists and train staff on wine pairing, handling and service.

Esteves is bringing something unique to her new home, and she couldn’t be more excited. “I’m happy to be here and happy to be on Key Biscayne,” she said. “As an education and consulting company, I get to do many things. From one side I get to do education for wine lovers and wine professionals, and also do the consulting part, checking with restaurants to see if they’re buying wines the public will like and also if it matches their foods. I’m also doing events, like corporate events where they’re doing team building with wine tastings.

“It’s a way of bringing people together and educating people about wine.”

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