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In person class dates: February 3rd, February 10th, March 2nd, March 9th.

All classes on the four dates listed above will take place in person at the Miami Culinary Institute Food & Wine Theater in Downtown Miami. Each class will run from 9am – 5pm.

Exam date: March 30th at 9am.


WSET Level 3 is an advanced level qualification, for those working in the wine industry or for wine enthusiasts seeking a vast knowledge of wine. This qualification provides a thorough understanding of the various factors affecting wine style, quality, and price of wines.

The price includes the WSET Level 3 Study Pack (2022 version), tuition, exam, certificate and lapel pin (if you pass the examination). Mailing of Study Pack and result materials (certificate and lapel pin) to continental USA is included in the cost of course. During the in-person classes, we will taste over 50 wines and each student will receive 6 ISO glasses included in the cost of the course.

Learning Objectives

  • The key factors in the production of the principal wines of the world and describe how these influence wine style, quality, and price
  • The key factors in the production of sparkling wines and fortified wines
  • Be able to provide information and advice to customers and staff about wine
  • How to describe wine using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)

Find out more about the learning objectives here: WSET Level 3 in Wines Specification (2022).

Class Format

The course is based around 32.5 hours’ of of class time, including the examination, and 51.5 hours’ private study time. All class time will take place in person in Miami (exact location to be confirmed).


Assessment is by a closed-book exam of 50 multiple-choice questions and a paper of short written answers. There is also a blind tasting of two wines. The exam must be taken in person and will be held on set dates throughout the year. A minimum mark of 55% in each part is required to achieve a pass. All students who pass will be issued with a certificate and will receive a lapel pin. Mailing of Study Pack and result materials (certificate and pin) to continental USA is included in the price.

Kindly note that you have one year, from the course start date, to sit the exam. After one year, you will have to purchase and re-take the entire course before you can sit the exam.

Entry Requirements

You must be at least 21 years of age to attend the course and to participate in any alcohol tasting.

You must hold the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines prior to registering.


All bookings are refundable or can be changed up to 3 weeks prior to the course/exam date; kindly note that we will charge you an administrative fee of $300 to change the date of a course/exam. Within 15 days of the event, no refunds will be provided, except under exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Florida Wine Academy.

We need a minimum of 8 students to be able to offer this course. Florida Wine Academy reserves the right to cancel an event or class. If necessary, a full refund or transfer will be offered.


In person class dates: February 3rd, February 10th, March 2nd, March 9th.

All classes on the four dates listed above will take place in person at the Miami Culinary Institute Food & Wine Theater in Downtown Miami. Each class will run from 9am – 5pm.

Exam date: March 30th at 9am.

We are also offering the WSET Level 3 in Wines certification online, with the exam in Miami. Click here.

33 reviews for WSET Course Level 3 in Wines – English

  1. Benjamin (verified owner)

    I’ve gone through WSET Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 in Wines, all with the Florida Wine Academy. The classes conducted in person and via live Zoom webinar covered everything we needed to excel in our exams, and did so in a fun, digestible, and memorable way. The whole team at the Florida Wine Academy was extremely helpful, professional, prompt, friendly, and genuinely happy to be there for all of the students in the class. We received not only quality education from experienced and passionate teachers, but every opportunity to hone our skills and knowledge to pass the exams. I’m extremely satisfied with what they provided in classes and materials, going above and beyond to deliver results and build confidence in the students. The wine pack offered from 305Wines was outstanding and I recommend that for anyone taking the course if you can. I look forward to learning much more from Alessandra and the team in the future and recommend the Florida Wine Academy to anyone who wants to increase their understanding and appreciation for what’s in the bottle. Cheers!

  2. Michael

    I took the WSET Level 3 online class through the Florida Wine Academy, which is the most professional WSET provider I’ve worked with. Rebecca was particularly helpful! The Level 3 textbook was excellent, and the online course was structured very well, with interesting supplemental material and many opportunities for practice quizzes in anticipation of the exam. The exam itself was difficult, but all the materials certainly make it possible to pass! I highly recommend working with the Florida Wine Academy.

  3. John Walker

    I have taken the Level 2 and Level 3 Courses from Alessandra and the team at Florida Wine Academy. The Level 3 course was done in a hybrid fashion, with an in person session followed by weekly classes taught remotely via Zoom. The quality of the instruction is excellent. Each of the instructors is knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to delivering the content required for you to obtain a solid foundation in wine theory and tasting. Alessandra is a superb instructor with great insights, and has assembled a top notch team. I felt very well prepared for the exam. I can recommend Florida Wine Academy without hesitation, and with great enthusiasm. As they say in the UK, “Top Marks!”

  4. Linda Catalina Meza S

    I am very happy to have found them here in Miami, as a Colombian and a sommelier, being able to continue learning and certifying myself in my knowledge is a great opportunity to improve myself. Thank you and I encourage you to continue working and improving as people, professionals and servers.

  5. Ryan Judson

    I had a memorable and successful experience learning under the tutelage of Alessandra and her team. Happy to say that my results spoke directly to the quality of education I received at Florida Wine Academy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this school to anyone interested in a world class wine education. I took my WSET3 course via the live web option, and it was even better than being in person, frankly. Here’s hoping the school offers a Diploma level option!

  6. Monica Betancourt

    I tried several wine schools before learning about Florida Wine Academy, so I have a point of comparison when I say that they are far and away the best source for wine instruction! Each instructor has the highest level of wine knowledge, but just as important, they are patient and organized and kind which makes learning from them a true pleasure. Thank you so much, and as always I look forward to continuing my wine journey with FWA!

  7. Ernie Varela

    I took the online WSET Level 2 and Level 3 courses with Florida Wine Academy during the height of the pandemic. Despite the challenges with teaching students all over the world in the Level 3, which included wine tasting in each online class, it was thoroughly a great educational experience. I would recommend either course for anyone interesting in developing a more thorough understanding of wine. I look forward to other courses and continuing my study.

  8. Jose G Irias

    Words can’t express how much I admire and appreciate Alessandra and everyone at the Florida Wine Academy. They without a doubt love doing what they do and love to pass on their knowledge to their students. 2020 was a year of uncertainty and chaos to say the least, but through the chaos the Florida Wine Academy managed to adjust and adapt to the troubling climate and finish the courses. Thanks again to Alessandra, Nicole, Guilherme for inspiring me and if you have the opportunity and want to expand your knowledge of wine and/or Sake don’t hesitate to enroll in anyone of their courses. I highly recommend them!

  9. Rosa Mary Rodríguez Buñols

    Alessandra is an amazing teacher. The WSET level 3 course was a great experience for me , I had wanted to do it for a long time and now amiss COVID the opportunity presented itself. I enjoyed every one of the classes. She really grounds the information you need to learn and makes the complicated processes easy and common sense for you so it is easier to learn. I would highly recommend Florida Wine Academy courses for anyone , I myself will choose another to keep practicing with all the information I learned and keep it fresh in my mind.

  10. Morgan Dillavou

    I loved every minute of my time with Florida Wine Academy. Even with a remote learning environment, I felt completely immersed in the program. Alessandra and her team were beyond helpful with any questions I had and they were always available for additional support/communication outside the class. It was a professional and well set-up up program from start to finish. I would highly recommend Florida Wine Academy to anyone who wishes to learn more about wine. And I will look forward to attending many more programs/classes/seminars with them in the future!

  11. Daisy

    Just completed the online webinar version of the L3 course and I would absolutely recommend Alessandra and her staff for your continued wine learning education/journey. The material is covered throughly by attending a 3 hour virtual class once a week. Alessandra will assign homework and they’re very good with helping you answer or prepare for the test. This is my 3rd WSET course with the Florida Wine Academy and look forward to tackling more!

  12. Cristián Mubert

    Alessandra and her staff were amazing. Moreover, all the students had a high level of wine knowledge, which made the course more interesting.
    Excellent wine course (WSET 3). I will definitely recommend Florida Wine Academy to anyone who wants to learn about wines in a fun, structured and detailed oriented manner.
    Hope to do WSET Diploma with Alessandra. Salud!

  13. Dumpor

    This qualification has a minimum requirement of 84 hours of study time, including 30 hours of classroom or online delivery time with a WSET course provider.*

  14. danielrogenski (verified owner)

    I recently had the opportunity to join the extensive WSET Level 3 course and examination at Florida Wine Academy. The classes were presented in a very friendly and approachable way by the instructors who were all very prepared and true professionals in the wine industry. At every class we were able to taste and examine several wines relative to the material that was being presented and these wines were always in context and of exceptional quality. As a result of the above i felt very prepared the day of my exam. I can sincerely recommend Florida Wine Academy and this WSET course to anyone wanting to increase their wine knowledge either professionally or out of personal interest.

  15. Raul Torres (verified owner)

    WSET Level 3 is an intensive course and with the resources and training that Alessandra and her staff provided was world class. Alessandra and her colleagues are all passionate about wine and more importantly they all have hearts of a teacher. This is an academy where you can be sure that you will be surrounded by the best educators and like-minded students. Alessandra and team have created a great atmosphere and I look forward to taking more certifications through The Florida Wine Academy.

  16. Aga Hilferty

    I took the WSET 3 course online, via Florida Wine Academy offerings, which was perfect for time management reasons. In addition to online study program, there is also a mandatory tasting session at the school. Alessandra was incredibly helpful in understanding exactly what needs to be said on the tasting part of the exam. The exam is also held in person at the school – the classroom is clean and bright, fantastic location, very friendly and attentive staff. My inquiries during the course were attended to right away and I was encouraged to ask questions. They made me feel well cared for. I would highly recommend Florida Wine Academy to anyone who wants to deepen their wine knowledge, and am hoping that WSET Dip examination will be offered here in 2020.

  17. Crystal (verified owner)

    Located in the SunTrust building, the academy is easily accessible and there’s garage as well as street parking around. The class is a small in size so it’s good for sharing experience and opinions. Alessandra is readily available to answer questions during and after class, and she gives useful tips in preparing for the exam. The course really helped me in calibrating my palate to the WSET standard, as well as broadening my horizon and introducing me to less common wines, such as Hungarian tokaji and Australian riesling.

    In the end, I felt that regardless of whether I pass the exam or not, the course was totally worthwhile, because it has given me a lot of knowledge and the tool to better appreciate wine.

  18. Crystal (verified owner)

    I have learned a lot in the classes, which are engaging and interactive. Alessandra is readily available to answer any question, during and outside of classes, and gave good tips on preparing for the exam. The course really helped me calibrate the palate to the WSET standard, and introduced me to many wines from around the world. It wasn’t an easy class, but towards the end I felt that regardless of passing or not, it was a worthwhile learning experience for me, and really allowed me to enjoy wine at a higher level.

  19. CHRIS INGALLS (verified owner)

    There is no doubt in my mind that Florida Wine Academy is THE PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT WINE! I took WSET Levels II and III there, with Alessandra Esteves, and had thoroughly enjoyable and educative experiences on both occasions. Alessandra has an innate talent for transmitting her knowledge and enthusiasm, while making sure her students absorb and process the information offered in the classroom and independent study required by the courses. I highly recommend the EXTENSIVE course of study (the one I chose for Level III) for any student who doesn’t have the time available to follow the intensive course. As a “serial student” at FWA, I am pleased to say that my knowledge and understanding of wine has increased immeasurably, and continues to grow with every seminar, lab, master class and tasting I do at this wonderful school! Kudos to Alessandra, Guillerme, Brenda, Nicole and Celeste (the team at FWA).

  20. Natalie Valdez (verified owner)

    I took WSET Level 2 with Alessandra and knew immediately after I would sign up for WSET Level 3. With my schedule, the 9 week extensive program was the way to go. Alessandra is a wonderful instructor who’s passion for wine and helping her students is very apparent. She is patient and explains all concepts very thoroughly to ensure that her students have a firm grasp and understanding of the subject material. We were more than prepared and with Alessandra’s guidance to be able to sit for our Level 3 exam. I highly recommend the extensive format to anyone local that can set aside one evening a week.

  21. Marcella Carneiro

    I took WSET levels 1, 2 and 3 at the Florida Wine Academy and I am a big fan of the institution and the team! Alessandra is a top professional and has given us all the support and confidence we needed to achieve good results. My interest in the wine environment just gets bigger and she has a huge participation in that. I strongly recommend!

  22. Juan Pablo Salgado (verified owner)

    Very pleased to have the chance to learn from a profesional like Alessandra, her devotion and knowledge to wine is admirable as well as her ability to teach with ease.
    Florida Wine Academy is a beautiful place to learn and expand your knowledge, great team, nice location and perfect setting collide to make the best place to increase your skills.

  23. Evan Levine (verified owner)

    A really fantastic experience across the board. The only bad part is waiting for the results. Alessandra is a fantastic teacher and truly cares about her students. I passed the exam with Merit. If I had heeded her warning on how hard the written portion is I think I could have made distinction. Either way, great course, 100% worth the money. If there was any higher level courses available I would be taking them with her. (Its over an hour drive for me but totally worth it)

  24. Claudia Vera (verified owner)

    I took the intensive course for WSET Level 3 and had the most amazing experience. First of all, the classroom is well lit and comfortable for long study sessions. Then, the course is segmented in a way that makes the information stick, and finally, the instructor delivers the content in a passionate and clear way. She will answer any questions and clarify any doubts. I truly believe the course made me appreciate wine a whole lot more and made me excited for future courses. At the Florida Wine Academy they truly prepare you for the exam and give you all the information you need to learn in an unbiased way. They care about shaping your knowledge rather than giving you just what you need to know. Overall it was a beautiful week were I learnt a lot and tasted great wines. One thing that is unique is the amount of wine you get to try! We tried around 70+ wines in a week, definitely something amazing that I won’t soon forget. I recommend this course or any other to anyone interested in wine! 100% and 5/5 all around!

  25. Henry (verified owner)

    Very happy and satisfied that I took WSET 3 with the Florida Wine Academy. Alessandra is very professional and taught an intensive class in one week. She also brought in MW candidates to give brief theory lectures. If you’re looking for a provider to take any level of WSET I 100% recommend the Florida Wine Academy.

  26. Christos Philippou

    I recently completed levels 2 & 3 with the Florida Wine Academy. L3 is significantly more detailed than L2 and requires home study; it is a very informative and interactive course providing the right balance of theory & practice involving the tasting & analysis of approx 100 wines. Above all it is a very rewarding and interesting course for the wine professional or enthusiast.
    Most of all, Alessandra’s passion, communication skills, knowledge and down-to-earth nature made this a great course.
    I highly recommend the Florida Wine Academy.

  27. Jiaying Huang (verified owner)

    I am glad to take the WSET level3 course with Florida Wine Academy. I think they are awesome. They have great environment for the courses. Alessandra is a excellent and knowledgeable teacher. We learned a lot from her.

  28. Brenda

    Florida Wine Academy is definitely the best place for wine education. Alessandra’s wine knowledge is exceptional. She really gives it her all to help you understand and learn the material. I felt at ease and ready to take the exam without a doubt. Highly recommend the academy!

  29. Lili (verified owner)

    Florida Wine Academy is professional, organized and most of all very knowledgable. The course work for WSET 3 is intense, but well worth it! The wine tasting section is stellar. FWA provides the course with a variety of wines, which allows you to really get a solid understanding on how to properly asses the quality of a wine. I love being able to connect the geography, viticulture and enology back to a wine.

    Alessandra is such a lovely teacher and her passion for wine is truly contagious!

  30. Diego Rech (verified owner)

    I took the WSET Level 3 at the Academy and I’m very satisfied with the level of education. A hugh selection of international wines had been tasted and the theory was in deep and well explained.
    Alessandra, the school director has been exelent, always taking the extra steps to keep everybody informed and at the same level of education.
    Location is great in downtown Miami. if you are persuing wine and spirits education, this is a great place to learn.

  31. Pietro Curcio (verified owner)


  32. Nicole Ramos (verified owner)

    The Florida Wine Academy Level 3 was overall an excellent course. I researched this course as well as another offered by a different company, and I’m very glad I decided on this one. The class size was small so there was plenty of individual attention and interaction throughout the daily lessons. I thought the structure and pace of the course really encouraged learning; it was intensive but thorough, and we alternated theory with tastings. In this way the sessions stayed interesting and the wines we tasted were relevant to the wines and regions we had just covered in the theory portions. Alessandra is truly a good teacher as she knows exactly what information needs to give and delivers it in a clear and interesting way. The extra homework and practice exercises helped prepare me for the exam, and were fun to do. We tried many different wines, everything from general appellation level up to high-end and reserve wines. I left the class feeling very satisfied with the knowledge I had gained, and thought I had been well-prepared for the exam. I would definitely recommend this class to others looking to either improve their professional knowledge or just to take an interesting and educational class on wine.

  33. Sonia Salguero (verified owner)

    I was an international student. The program was handed very professionally, small group, personal one to one interaction from Alessandra with us (students). Very well structured program. Different language was not a problem. Doubts were solved. All the program was covered on time. I learned more, very satisfied, and feel more confident with my wine knowledge. It was fun and we tasted great wines.

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